Articles & Publications

A Toolbox of String Classes,C/C++ Users Journal, July 2001. Describes some specialized string implementations that can provide order-of-magnitude performance increases without changing the basic_string interface. (Code) (After writing this I found that Andrei Alexandrescu was thinking along the same lines. See his online article: Generic<Programming>: A Policy-Based basic_string Implementation.) I've also found one other reason to use this string class: The g++ default string class appears not to be multithread-safe on multiprocessor Intel machines.  This is being used as a drop-in replacement with good results.  (Code updated 5/2003 to fix incorrect rend() const implementation; bug found by Kai Zhao.)

Automatic Code Instrumentation, C/C++ Users Journal, January 1999. Describes how to use a VC++ extension to automatically embed instrumentation hooks into all functions in a module. (Code updated 6/2001 to avoid register clobbering under VC6sp5.)

An Experimental Comparison of New Property List Designs (Technical Report, 1995) Amazing but true: You can produce easier to use UIs by organizing long lists intelligently. Unfortunately no one wants to create easier to use UIs... sigh.